Integrated Hypnotherapy is based on the integrated approach by bringing our awareness to the chain that links our thoughts, emotions, energies, and physical body. Thoughts control our causal body, emotions control our astral body, energies control the body of our Chakras/Auras, and the physical body/perceived reality controls our brain.

Sessions under Clinical Hypnosis might include:

  • Classical Hypnotherapy to work with deep unconscious issues.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (“EFT”) (Tapping Meridians for Emotional Release).
  • Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Inner Child Work, Journey of the Souls, Higher Self Therapy.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  • Guided Breathwork.
  • Other Relaxation Techniques.

Do you know that it is not your fault that you are overweight, underweight or obese? Do you know that you are in the situation that you are in because you do not really know what you do not know?

Have you ever decided it was time to lose some weight, started a diet or a weight loss program just to find yourself giving up a few days later? Have you lost weight before, only to find out weeks, months or years later that you gained it all back with interest? Many of our actions, such as lack of persistence and failure to see measurable results are amongst the many reasons why most people simply do not lose weight.

Are you someone who has been trying endlessly to acquire a fit, healthy and dis-ease free body and energized life, but have not found the key to achieve that yet? All the fad diets, zero-calorie foods that do not stop the recurring yoyo dieting effects can now become part of your past… Throughout our programs, we evaluate your fitness, your habits, and your lifestyle. Accordingly, we help you listen to your body and gut, in addition to further understanding the root cause of the recurring symptom of weight gain.

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