Grace G. El Tayar is the creative force behind GTRANCE Movement™. Her passion for music from around the world is reflected in her GTRANCE Movement™ classes. Sages throughout history have taught us that movement is great for the glandular system, nervous system, circulation, brain hemisphere balance, and overall health. GTRANCE Movement™ has some basic structure to help participants get comfortable leading a class to a phase of free movement. It can also be interactive and playful making it a joyful connected community experience. Whether you need to shake off stress or need a reminder not to take life too seriously, GTRANCE Movement™ is sure to leave you feeling joyful and sweaty!


GTRANCE Movement™ is a practice for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. The requirement for anyone who is engaging in the practice is to have a deep desire for personal “Tranceformation.” The keys and suggestions that will be shared with you through GTRANCE Movement™ will have life-changing results. When the polarity is merged within us, this creates a union of opposites and one enters into subtle realms of “the gold” where all is silent, where all is light! It is here in this field of being that we can get in touch with the field of pure potentiality where the creative seed of the highest potentials of our souls can be imagined, birthed, and grounded into our life. The participant will open up to deeper connections with the highest possibility of life, love, and community. This class is to reconnect you with yourself by moving to music that vibrates through the different levels of your body energies (the Chakras). The process of GTRANCE Movement™ involves letting the movement emerge spontaneously as one surrenders to the music where one feels like entering into an awakening dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye, recall memories, or gain insight. You may also experience emotions or physical sensations. It is a gentle awakening of who you really are. The joy of experiencing GTRANCE Movement™ in a class setting is the power of group energy. Although each participant is moving within their own individual journey, when a group of people is moving together with the intention of healing, the energy of healing is heightened. GTRANCE Movement™ is a unique blend of body movement, healing sound, dynamic percussive rhythms, constructive suggestions, and transformational breathing techniques that stimulate mental clarity, physical stamina, and emotional well-being.

(This class is no longer available, until further notice.)

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