Hypnotherapy involves accessing the unconscious mind, for the purpose of healing, by altering its state. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to facilitate a process in which individuals release unwanted habits and negative patterns and create positive associations. Hypnosis is not like what you usually see on TV or in movies, which is highly responsive to suggestions and directions. It is a natural state of focus and attention that taps into your subconsciousness. It is a safe and natural process that creates one of the most interesting experiences for the human mind.

We have resorted to Hypnosis for thousands of years for its efficacy which can be used to unblock and unlock one’s mind. When one goes into the absorbed state of hypnosis, one can then utilize employed talents, thoughts and experiences in ways that are not normally readily available. That being the case, one can develop inborn personal abilities that enhance desired changes to one’s feelings, thoughts and behaviors. This absorbed state of hypnosis allows changes to be made deliberately rather than automatically and consequently changes can take place in ways that the conscious mind may not be able to make on its own.

Hypnotherapy or trance work is a collection of techniques, which allows hypnotherapists and patients to benefit from the mind-body connection to promote healing. As opposed to popular belief, hypnosis is not ‘deep sleep’. However, it does involve the induction of a trance-like state. Putting you in a heightened state of awareness so that it concentrates on the voice of the hypnotherapist.

At GTRANCE, Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective, safe, and healthy modalities that provides a balanced and sustainable effect.

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