Natural Medicine is becoming increasingly popular today and it is complementary to conventional medicine. This discipline allows for the embracement of multiple modalities of energetic healing and strategies to implement a new vision of the human that is not limited to the disease but to the full potentiality of the body and mind. In this field, the practitioner did not only acquire the precise concepts of the principles of quantum physics that allow for a larger view of reality but has also gained the ability to integrate multi-dimensional approaches of healing in a model of the human being that encompasses the materialistic point of view of Western medicine. The client will not be diagnosed in fatalistic terms of dis-ease, but by recognizing the parameters of health and how to blend different modalities of healing that address the subtle bodies – Supramental, Mental, Vital, and Physical – penning new dimensions of healing. The concept of homeopathy may be visited through new technologies issued from research in quantum physics. Integrative Medicine will become real through what we call Creative Integrative Medicine, a vision of modern medicine that allows the integration of ancient, conventional, and modern models of healing.

You will be amazed how the medicine of the future will look as we refine our observation of the individual from a broader and deeper point of view, applying the elements of quantum physics to the field of Natural and Integrative Medicine. This modality is an opportunity to update the model of healing and knowledge in health care.

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