Reduce Stress – Eliminate Blockages – Maximize Energy

We live in a demanding environment full of physical and mental toxins: from damaging environmental impacts such as e-smog from electric devices, satellites, mobile telephones, Wi-Fi and radio; pollution of the air and water; bad habits; irregular sleeping patterns; harmful food products; in addition to other detrimental factors. The sympathetic nerve consistently receives alarm triggers and works at full throttle. The Parasympathetic nerve may no longer fulfill its functions to recover, regenerate, repair and heal. This results in total exhaustion from regulatory to functional disorders, and finally, to disease.

The solution: The 8-Dimensions therapy for self-healing is fundamentally based on the real-time synchronized and finely tuned effects of eight components that impact the physical and the mental body.

Regeneration: With the Wellness System, the natural balance for the optimal regulation abilities is restored. Therefore, the resistance phase with continued sympathetic nerve activation is eliminated entirely. The body is thereby again able to self-regulate and provide resources for regeneration and healing again. The repair and healing processes can effectively take place if the Parasympathetic nerve is far more active than the sympathetic nerve. Consequently, the overarching autonomous nervous system regains control and regulates the body in a balanced way thanks to the Wellness System™ treatment where the subordinate systems and organs can work better.

The Wellness System supports within a few minutes the natural functions of the body. Deep relaxation, metabolism, increased flow of energy, and detoxification are the basic conditions for the healing and regeneration processes. This leads to four main effects which allow you to bring back the body, mind, and soul system into balance within a few minutes.

Deep Relaxation: For this technique to achieve the required results, the body must first be induced into a relaxed condition. The music relaxes the mind and soul and transitions the body into a deep relaxation. When this occurs, the body is prepared for an application.

Promote Circulation and Metabolism: The magnetic field resonance application will increase the energy balance and stimulate metabolism, among other things, by reaching every single cell of the body. This in turn will result in an improvement of the immune system and strengthens the body’s defenses.

Make the energy flow: For organs and control circuits to be supplied with energy, it needs to flow freely. Sound, tone, vibration application and micro-massage can release existing physical and mental blocks. The functional circuits are now supplied with energy.

Detox: The far infrared heat radiation releases, among other things, the gases and toxins encapsulated in water molecules and accelerates their discharge. Hyperthermia can kill or at least greatly inhibit bacteria and viruses.

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