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It’s a life changing course, it’s very empowering and now I feel that I’m in the driver's seat, I’m not the one sitting next to the driver anymore.
It’s simply a life changing experience. Once you start the NLP journey, you will meet new people in your life, and you feel connected because like people like each other. It’s the start of a wonderful transformation. I can't wait to take the Master Practitioner level in a few months.
It’s been a very interesting journey for me. I went through a lot in my life, so many ups and downs. I needed closure and this is what I found. I found inner peace because the way Dr. Grace taught the course is giving me power to keep going. It’s a very emotional experience and it means the world to me and it’s the end of part 1 of my journey.
I took this course and everything changed. It is a great eye opener and a reminder of where I want to go and what is my life's purpose. It was an amazing journey. The biggest learning and one of the most important things in life is knowing to appreciate the silence and to catch yourself in the silence before making a move. Making a move towards where you actually need to be.
The best thing about this course is my hightened level of awareness. I was catching myself in the moment! Whenever I was doing, thinking, or saying something, I was more aware of my unconscious behavior. I have that belief that we are the creators of the new era.
The NLP Life Coach course, very gracefully and elegantly presented by Dr. Grace, is a lot of things, most importantly, it guided me on what not to do, and what to do instead - because we go through our life learning and learning and this course sort of helped me unlearn a lot of things that were not working for me. It is not only about "Tranceformation" as Grace likes to write it, it’s a way of living, it’s a way of being, it’s a way of moving forward. I felt that my journey has just started. It was an amazing week. Grace is wonderful! I can’t say there is anybody better than Grace to be doing what she’s doing. The group was lovely, beautiful, genuine, authentic and I can go on and on... I just want to say thank you Grace beyond what words can ever explain.
I would like to thank Dr. Grace for a lovely week again. The refresher felt like it was a totally new experience. It was transforming for the second time for me. The insights and learnings every moment were so precious. The energy was contagious in the room. The group was awesome. Life is even more beautiful..
It’s a great pleasure to authentically recommend Dr. Grace as an exceptional, world-class career coach and trainer. Grace is a gem! With a unique perspective that can only come from an in-depth knowledge of many spheres, life experience, and a background as a successful executive professional at the highest echelons herself, I truly believe Grace is a rare find.
I have experienced Dr. Grace as my mentor, my counselor, my life coach, and my healer. She has provided me with insight and wisdom far beyond my ability to see.
“Dear Dr. Grace, First and foremost, even after a month or so, the process is still working magnificently. May God bless you and your family with all His grace, good health, and prosperity. You have made a huge change in my life that has been categorized as an enormous landmark. The most amazing part is that the whole process that led to this amazing outcome was through an hour and a half session. That outcome has allowed for some of the following points which I would love to share: 1. I am happier. 2. Feel more efficient. 3. I have no sense of guilt even during my mood swings. 4. A quick solution/tool with long term effect leading to automated efficiency. I do things automatically without thinking and analyzing. 5. Overall, I feel proud of myself. 6. Most importantly I have huge gratitude and thanks for you my dearest. I can never thank you enough. The list goes on and on and on. Words can never explain enough.”
“I love to highlight the following feedback for your reference and input in case of need, I came to you with a serious problem of "Procrastination" of everything which had a crucial negative toll on my life. The same day we did the intervention I had an extremely positive feeling, just like someone discovered a breakthrough which was just there in his/her face, an automatic enhancement/increase in my motivation levels with a tendency to connect positively more with people. One month after the intervention, words cannot really express what I am feeling - 1. Positiveness 2. Gratitude 3. Sense of achievement 4. Efficient 5. Constructive 6. Action oriented 7. Accomplishment 8. Moving in the right direction 9. Motivated. 10. More at ease. 11. etc.... Funny enough, I am writing this email while waiting for a client to come ..... I would have never done this before.
“The effects of your intervention were life changing for me. I now know how to handle my work stress and its effects on my health. I am way better and I feel the direct positive impact on my daily life with every passing minute. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Grace for making such a huge positive change with so little maintenance work to do.”
“Since I am considered a pragmatic and skeptical person in general, I had to put some efforts to accept to participate as a case for your study – all what it took me was to give you the benefit of the doubt. I am so happy and lucky I did this experience as it worked for me 100%. The first session was one month ago and till this date I never ate or nibbled anything… Obsessive Compulsive eating at night is now in my past. A nice side effect of that is that I lost weight! I consider that what I went through was and still is a tremendous success as it worked on me 100% without delivering any effort from my side.”
“I don’t know what you did, but the ONC Therapy worked like magic. I keep it in my pocket, I smell it before I enter board meetings and before I enter the house and when I wake up and before I go to bed. I never expected to see such results with this speed. My wife is very happy. I am now a calm man! Grace your creation sounds bizarre, but it works. It is a pity that the world does not know about it!!! It is life changing! I wish I did it a long time ago…”
“Dear Dr. Grace: Thank you for changing my strategy and helping me bring my life back. I have a lot of new friends and I contacted my old friends and I hang out with them. It seems I am not as ugly and fat as I thought I was. I don’t know what she saw, but one lady told me I was handsome! Even though I lost weight, I now believe that it does not matter anymore. I love myself regardless…”
After the first session with you, I have completely stopped the nail-biting, without difficulty or frustration. I've waited until now, two months on, in order to let you know how I'm doing to ensure that the habit doesn't return. It hasn't! My nails, once so bad that the length of skin beyond the nail to the finger-tip was longer than the actual nail, are now far neater, more presentable and no longer a source of embarrassment.
Thank you once again for your help – I thought I’d never get into a swimming pool without my life depending on it. All that changed in just one session. Our holiday was more relaxed than I thought possible, and I even took the kids swimming on my own the first week that we were away. Although I didn’t attempt any swimming myself that week, I did sit in the water and play, which boosted my confidence to a great extent..
Just wanted to say the hypnotherapy session worked fantastically. I can now walk into a room and if there is a spider I no longer panic or stress out. Thanks a million Dr. Grace.
Going to GTRANCE was the first step for me towards learning to manage my anxiety using the techniques that Dr. Grace very generously and lovingly taught me. Throughout the sessions, Dr. Grace helped me train my brain and body to respond differently to different triggers in my life..
I really enjoyed working with Dr. Grace, not only did I get rid of my addiction, but I also learned value and confidence in myself. It was life changing what I was able to do in a few short sessions. I feel like a new person ready to take on new challenges and live my best life.
Different people have different experiences trying to kick any addictive substance. I have to say that after my first session, Dr. Grace dissipated all my urges to smoke. It also eliminated all the nervousness and anxiety of quitting smoking – I did not feel any irritation and was not cranky when I quit. I can't thank you enough Dr. Grace.
A few years ago, I felt that divorce was inevitable. Now, I’ve regained my lover and my best friend. We have the best of both worlds now: the excitement and passion of a new relationship with the trust and comfort of an old one. This year together far surpasses our honeymoon and our first years and we couldn’t be more grateful to GTRANCE.
A bit less than a year ago, following a series of unfortunate events in my life, I had reached a really desperate point. Emotionally, mentally and physically drained, I knew that I needed to find the strength to continue living, and out of sheer desperation, I finally reached out to GTRANCE. It was the best decision I ever made.
What I learned with Dr. Grace did not only concern me, it concerned my whole family. I finally know what to do, what to cook, how to norish myself and my children, and what to put in their lunch box! How much we do not know... Thank you Dr. Grace for the knowledge. Please make it reach as many people as possible. Parents need to change feeding their children food thinking that it is healthy at the time it is wrecking havoc on their health and cognition.
What can I say? Where will I start? The journey with GTRANCE was one of the most enjoyabole journeys. Not only because I did get to where I wanted to be, but also because I feel like I am "converted" man. Dr. Grace taught me a lot of things that now I feel I don't know what I know. Every session was special, different, new learnings, a braoder way of thinking. I would look forward the whole week for the session with her. Her space felt home, and her knowledge felt right. I am so signing up for the maintenance sessions!
From the onset of when I met you and Zeina, you helped me have an integrated approach to health and wellness. The 3 months sessions were a lovely experience, and I was very happy with the outcome on the goals we had set during the program.
I feel like a completely different person, and I am in so many ways. Not just physically – that's obvious – but the way I feel in my mind. It's hard to even look back. It feels like a lifetime ago. Now I feel like there's nothing I can't do. If I can lose 36 kgs in less than 6 months, I can do anything. Thank you for helping me get my life back Dr. Grace.
I felt like a stranger in my own body. I didn't recognize my own reflection, and when I would see photos of myself, I was disgusted. I didn't know who that was. I can finally say that I admore the person I see in my own mirror!!!!!!
In just 3 months training with GTRANCE. I've lost a total of 22 lbs. GTRANCE has motivated and encouraged me to lead a better, healthier lifestyle and I have greatly reaped the rewards of that.
In just 3 months with GTRANCE I dropped 20% of body fat. I have become more knowledgeable about the right food choices and the benefit of health which I can now share with my family and friends around me as well as educate my children correctly and give them the best chance of life fighting off obesity and diabetes two major concerns for the next generations health.
I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I never had any confidence and now I see how far I have come. I can run. I can do burpees. I can do push-ups. I can do planks. I take these small victories, and much more.
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