While various anti-depressant medications have been manufactured to help those affected, it would be meaningful to try other depression treatment alternatives first. Depression is among the most common mental disorders worldwide. This health condition affects millions of people regardless of age. As a severe health issue, depression can adversely impact your quality of life and may cause you to feel hopeless and helpless. It is essential to note that there are various levels of depression, some are mild, and some are more severe leading to suicidal thoughts, and individuals are advised to seek professional help and get the necessary depression treatment to avoid the multifarious symptoms associated with this condition.


Symptoms of Depression

Major depressive episodes can be determined when the affected individual experiences multiple symptoms, some of which are the following:

  • An irritable or depressive mood.

  • Problems sleeping where one either sleeps too little or too much, especially during the day.

  • Continued diminished interest and pleasure.

  • Brain fog and difficulty thinking and making decisions.

  • Excessive guilt or low self-image or self-esteem.

  • Low energy or a change in self-care.

  • Significantly poor concentration.

  • A significant change in appetite resulting in emotional eating disorders.

  • Severe anxiety, agitation, or panic attacks.

  • Suicidal thoughts, including self-harm.


I Feel “Down and Depressed,” What Next?


If you experience a portion of the symptoms stated above, you could try some of these coping skills to alleviate your situation. The techniques listed below have been supported by scientific research and psychiatrists and have been recommended even for patients that are still under anti-depressant medication.


Coping Skills That May Help You Alleviate Your State


It would help if you tried practicing some of these coping skills, if not all, at least one at a time. You may not be motivated to try them since depression may suck your motivation; however, small steps will help you start feeling motivated and assist you in salvaging your momentum. The following are some of the best ways you can use to alleviate depression.


1. Exercise

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand. Regular Exercise and physical activity trigger your body to release feel-good hormones and encourages the brain to rewire positively. It regulates the chemicals in your body and acts as some form of meditation that puts your mind at ease. Start with short daily walks and slowly add more exercises over time. Exercising will significantly enhance your mood, mental state, confidence, and sleep quality.


2. Get in a Routine

Depression often strips your life’s structure slowly and leaves you in a position where one day meshes into the next. You lose track of time and feel unaccomplished each time you try and think of something productive you could have or did not do. Finding a good routine helps keep your mind busy and gives you a sense of accomplishment that makes you feel good about yourself.


3. Set Goals

Setting and achieving your goals works the very same way as getting a routine. It is important to start with minimal manageable goals that culminate into significant achievements. It would also be great if you did not judge yourself too harshly if you do not achieve your set goals. Instead, get more determination and look for positive alternative ways you could go about it.


4. Eat Healthy, Eat Clean

Processed foods and beverages are manufactured with chemicals designed to produce an immediate high. However, this feeling does not last for too long and is immediately followed by quick lows that bring about a depressive episode. Avoid excessively eating sugary and fatty foods when depressed. Nutrient rich home-cooked meals rich in natural supplements such as vitamins and fatty acids could make you healthier and alleviate your moods. Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables too.


5. Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep patterns could make you moody and irritable since your body’s chemical composition is out of place. When you sleep, your body takes that opportunity to rest and eliminate any chemicals produced during the day. You will need to set a daily sleeping routine that allows you to sleep at the same time every day. It would help if you removed all distractions from your bedroom and avoid taking a nap during the day.


6. Take on More Responsibilities

Depression can make you cut back on your responsibilities; however, the best way to combat it is to face these feelings directly. You could start by doing the most basic ones such as cleaning your house or doing some repairs. Completing a task will provide you with a sense of accomplishment that will make you feel good.


7. Observe Negative Thoughts

Depression is mostly about your mental perception. When you feel depressed, you will tend to leap to the worst conclusions, which ends with you being anxious and panicky. Be aware of your active thought process and eliminate any negative thoughts as soon as you notice them. Think of them logically, and if they have merit, do not panic; find a logical solution. If you find you cannot, let them pass. Remember, they are just thoughts!


8. Get in Touch With your Spirit.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to go to a religious institution, albeit that may help if you are a spiritual person. However, changing your view from how the world may perceive you to how you perceive yourself. We are spiritual beings living in a physical energetic body. We are all connected. Can you imagine how many lives you can change if you just be, let things go and choose to smile?!


9. Do Something New, Have Fun, and Get Some Sunlight

When you feel depressed, your first thought may be to stay indoors, close all your blinds, and sleep. However, the best thing you could do at that moment is to go out and experience nature. The breeze, trees, and sunlight could provide a calming effect that could help slow down your thoughts. You could also try something new like cooking, painting, or reading a book. You would be surprised how much one simple activity could prove positive.


10. Work on Your Social Life

The world has 7.8 billion individuals and numerous ways you could get in touch with them. Most of these people seek a connection, your connection. You could join a community both physically or over the internet and get to experience lots of personalities. Who knows, you may even end up getting a best friend out there.


11. Get an Aromatherapy Massage

One of the best ways to eliminate depression and anxiety is to get a deep tissue Aromatherapy massage. Schedule a massage and let the therapist give you a good workout. Relax and let yourself be pampered for a change. Indulge in natural ways to keep depression at bay and you will feel much better in the long run.


12. Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music has its own magic and its own way in soothing the body and the mind. Listen to your favorite band, let the beat of the music put you at ease. Dance if you like or lay down and let the music just carry you away. Explore with different genres and venture into Sound Healing which has done wonders with some individuals who experienced it.


13. Find ways to Alleviate Stress

Stress increases the amount of cortisol in the body, a neurotransmitter that is typically high in people with emotional distress. Therefore, it is vital to find natural ways of getting stress relief like Deep Breathing Techniques, Meditation and simply adding quiet time to your day.


14. Get Occupied

Depressed people typically avoid responsibilities at home or work. However, the natural depression healing entails staying involved and having several responsibilities that you can handle every day. That’s right! A busy and active lifestyle may help you fight negative emotions and depression and make you feel more accomplished and happier afterward.



Life can be simple if you look at it from a simplified perspective, but it can also be quite complicated. Fighting depression does not have to be an uphill battle. The trick is not to allow yourself to get tangled in its web. Have simple rules and focus on being always happy and observe your thoughts. Every time you catch yourself thinking of what you do not want, switch gears, and think of what you wholeheartedly want. Many of these tips are free and will only cost you a little of your time. Try each one and use the ones you enjoy as often as you need to, no matter what your negative emotion is. Embrace your life, it can be full of adventure if you allow it and most importantly, SMILE!


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