Anger is a natural yet uncontrollable, unwanted, or irrational emotion that everybody experiences from time to time. We may become angry when reacting to frustration, criticism, or a threat and this is not necessarily a bad or inappropriate reaction. Anger only becomes a problem when it gets out of control and harms you or the people around you. Anger can be passive aggression, open aggression, or assertive anger.

Symptoms associated with anger encompass, but are not limited to, a desire to exit the situation, irritation, sadness, depression, clenching of jaws or grinding teeth, headache, stomach ache, increased/rapid heart rate, sweating, especially the palms, feeling hot in the neck or face, shaking, trembling, dizziness, screaming, shouting, etc…

GTRANCE Solutions are very helpful in releasing and emptying one’s anger “bucket” as well as “buckets” of negative emotions such as sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, disgust, resentment thus preparing you to deal with new situations without exaggerated and unwarranted negative emotions.

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