I wonder, and it is a good thing to wonder… Are we harboring chaos in our bodies right now? From the water we drink, the type of job we have, where we live, what we eat, the way we sleep at night, to the thoughts we personify all day every day… All of these are wreaking havoc on the one part of our body that helps protect us from diseases, including but not limited to, cancer, obesity, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis, etc., and nobody is talking about it or maybe aware of it… The worst part is that most doctors don’t know how to properly test for it leaving people like you and me with no choice but to succumb to symptoms like unexplained excess weight gain, continual fatigue and in a state of NOT thinking as clearly as we used to. Some of us might even suffer from anxiety, digestive issues, depression, restlessness, sleeplessness, joint pain, chronic pain, or might not be able to enjoy life’s blessings anymore… All these can be symptoms of this ONE thing, and it’s time that we all talked about it. OUR HORMONES!


What we all ought to realize is that our hormones are our body’s inner key to healing. People often mistakenly think that hormones are only for fertility or that women are the only ones that should care about them! This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Both men and women reading these lines, it’s time to pay attention! Hormones are the most overlooked cause of disease, and unfortunately, until now, very few are talking about it…

Hormones are factually driving almost every reaction of the body. When you are breathing, right this moment, you are employing your hormones. Your energy requires hormones. If you are overweight, or obese, tired or wired, depressed or feeling “down”, have digestive problems, there may be a hormonal component involved.


A client had been struggling with severe lack of motivation to the point that he wouldn’t even get out of bed, just so depressed, and the mental issue was totally testosterone and estrogen related. Yes, it was hormone related!


When our hormones are working correctly, we feel great, we feel energized and happy, we stay in a healthy weight range, we sleep well, and we think clearly. However, when our hormones are out of balance, our body is in chaos. Our body simply may not work as well, and may not protect and heal itself the way that is was designed to… Moreover, the situation can get worse with this chaotic state as our DNA can become altered, which then in turn skyrockets our risks of disease. Research has actually indicated that the exposure to toxic hormone-disrupting chemicals not only affects our DNA, but the DNA of our future children and our grandchildren as well.


I wonder if we are having a world-wide problem that is really being ignored… Are we getting into a dire situation?


Are we apathetic when it comes to our hormones?


If you really care about your health, you, of course want to know about your hormones. This is not a trivial topic. This is a key to life itself!


You know? It is not normal to feel entirely depressed and miserable, or so aggressive and hostile that we almost want to change jobs or get a divorce every month. That’s not normal, and we don’t have to suffer from this… We are not terrible persons; we are just individuals with potential hormonal problems.


Are you content with society’s description of normal? Are you equipped with the knowledge of natural remedies for hormonal imbalance and protocols that are just as effective as traditional treatment plans minus the expensive medications with their undesirable side effects?


We require foundations to have optimal health and maximum longevity, be happily present with our family and friends and do everything we want such as hobbies and the things we are passionate about. One of the most important foundations is our hormones!


Whether male or female, young or old, we are all impacted. The good news is that we can heal our bodies…


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